Kieron Winn’s first collection of poems, The Mortal Man, was published in August 2015: please see the home page for details.

Selection of poems in magazines

New ‘In Our Orchard’ in The Hopkins Review vol. 13, no. 2 (2020).
‘Returning’ in The London Magazine (forthcoming).
‘My Grandfather’s Measure’ in New Statesman (1-7 May 2020).
‘Rembrandt and Hendrickje’ in The Spectator no. 9998 (11 April 2020).
‘Modern Victorians’ in Oxford Magazine no. 414 (2019).
‘Colin Blythe Road’ in About Larkin no. 48 (October 2019).
‘In a Boars Hill Graveyard’ in Oxford Magazine no. 409 (2019).
‘Cornwall’ in Oxford Magazine no. 398 (2018).
‘Tourist and Guide, c. 1880’ in The London Magazine (April/May 2018).
‘The Last Walker’ in The Spectator no. 9885 (10 February 2018).
‘In Blenheim Park’ in New Statesman (9-15 February 2018).
‘My Parents at the Charity Dinner’ in The Times Literary Supplement no. 5985 (2017).
‘Revolutions’ in The Hudson Review vol. LXX, no. 1 (2017).
‘Watching RAF Bombers’ in The London Magazine (February/March 2016).
‘Staying with Mabel’ in The Scotsman 9 January 2016.
‘In the Garden’ in The New Criterion vol. 34, no. 1 (2015).
‘The Maiden Una’ in The Times Literary Supplement no. 5855 (2015).
‘In the National Gallery’ in The Times Literary Supplement no. 5844 (2015).
‘Edward Gibbon in Lausanne’ in Literary Imagination vol. 17, no. 1 (2015).
In an Oxford Antiquities Shop in The Dark Horse no. 33 (2014).
‘First Day of Spring in Bath’ in The Spectator no. 9718 (2014).
‘Piazza di Spagna, 1860’ in The London Magazine (October/November 2014).
‘Hobbema Print’ and ‘T. S. Eliot in Lausanne’ in Literary Imagination vol. 15, no. 3 (2013).
‘Churches in Rome’ in New Statesman (14-20 June 2013).
‘Staying with Mabel’ in Temenos Academy Review no. 15 (2012).
‘Heaney’s First Collaboration with Eminem’ and ‘An Old Adventure Show’ in Oxford Magazine no. 330 (2012).
‘The Later Wordsworth’ in The Dark Horse no. 29 (2012).
‘The Duplicator’ and ‘A Documentary from the Sixties’ in New Walk no. 3 (2011-12).
‘My Father’ and ‘Downpour’ in Literary Imagination vol. 13, no. 3 (2011).
‘In the National Gallery’ in The Spectator vol. 316, no. 9547 (2011).
‘In the British Museum’ in The Spectator vol. 316, no. 9544 (2011).
‘Mardale’ in The Dark Horse no. 26 (2011).
‘First Photo’ in The Times Literary Supplement no. 5616 (2010).
‘St Ives’ in The Times Literary Supplement no. 5563 (2009).
‘At my Grandparents’ House’ and ‘The Foot of Gardens’ in Agni no. 70 (2009).
‘Waking’ in The London Magazine (March/April 2009).
‘Youth’ and ‘The Silver Birch’ in The Interpreter’s House no. 38 (2008).
‘Over High Street to Patterdale’ and ‘Ambleside to Glenridding’ in The Dark Horse no. 20 (2007).
‘Unforgetting’ in The Spectator vol. 301, no. 9288 (2006).
‘The Great Old Poet in Bermuda’ in Oxford Magazine no. 248 (2006).
‘Students’ in The Rialto no. 57 (2005).
‘Thirties’, ‘Wordsworth and Coleridge’ and ‘Rock Music in a Shop’ in Poetry Review vol. 94, no. 3 (2004).
‘A Victorian Heaven’ and ‘A Night of Snow’ in Agenda vol. 39, no. 4 (2003).

Selection of poems in anthologies

‘In Blenheim Park’ in Hollow Palaces: An Anthology of Country House Poems, ed. Kevin Gardner and John Greening (Liverpool University Press, forthcoming).
‘Sheldonian Homesick Blues’ in Joker in the Pack [poems and songs dedicated to Bob Dylan], ed. Lucy Newlyn (Chough Publications, 2017).
Ten poems in Joining Music with Reason, an anthology of British and American poets, ed. Christopher Ricks (Waywiser, 2010).
Six poems in Oxford Poets 2007, ed. David Constantine and Bernard O’Donoghue (Carcanet, 2007).

Poetry leaflet

‘The Gentleman Bowls Along’ (Clutag, 2002).


He has given many poetry readings, in London, Oxford and the USA. In 2009 he read at Boston University: please see the Videos page.


A short film about his poetry, made in Oxford and the Lake District, was broadcast on BBC1; please see the Videos page. He has twice read his poems (including a commission) on BBC Radio Kent; discussed his poems on BBC Radio Oxford; and given a reading on the American radio station WBUR.


In 2020 the Philip Larkin Society released a two-part podcast that can be listened to here:

Selection of academic work

‘W. H. Auden and Oxford Prizes’ in The W. H. Auden Society Newsletter no. 37 (2014).
‘Read, Eliot, and the Shadow of Morality’ in Rereading Read: New Views on Herbert Read, ed. Michael Paraskos (Freedom Press, 2007).
‘Herbert Read and T. S. Eliot’ in The Swansea Review no. 21 (2001).
‘The Poetry of Herbert Read’ in Herbert Read Reassessed, ed. David Goodway (Liverpool University Press, 1998).